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MA, Organizational Psychology, Claremont Graduate University

BA, Psychology, Winston-Salem State University

Research Interests

Leadership, Leadership development, Inclusive organizational practices, Global leadership


Amber Kea-Edwards is an advanced doctoral student in the Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. At CGU, she acts as an active members of the LeAD Labs, as a research assistant and a blog contributor. As a member of the LeAD Labs she has presented at an international conference, published in a nationally recognized journal and contributed to an online blog. Her research focuses on leadership development, inclusive leadership practices, and inclusive leadership development.

In her free time she enjoys engaging in self-help literature, informative writing, health and fitness, and beauty and hair. She believes in continuous self-development of the mind, body, and spirit; she often quotes “I get better with time like fine wine.” Her peers describe her as positive, confident, and energetic.

Kea-Edwards has gained expertise in qualitative and quantitative research design; her statistical tool kit includes: regression, ANOVA, t-test, and categorical data analysis. She demonstrates her skills in research through her various research projects including her masters thesis on leader development and human motivation, as well as her collaboration research project on psychological capital and leader development. Through these projects she has gained expert level skills in testing hypothesis with appropriate and valid methods and tools. She hopes to use her research abilities to solve societal issues and increase well-being for all people around the world.