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Capra, Croson, Rigdon and Rosenblat
Capra, C. M., R. Croson, M. Rigdon, & T. Rosenblat (eds.)
Handbook of Experimental Game Theory
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Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Neuroeconomics

“Altruistic self-concept mediates the effects of personality traits on volunteering: Evidence from an online experiment” (with B. Jiang and Y. Su) Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, vol 92, June 2021.

“Evolutionary Psychology and Economics” (with P. Rubin) forthcoming in the SAGE Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology, SAGE Publishing 2020.

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Edited Volumes

Handbook of Experimental Game Theory,  C. M. Capra, R. Croson, M. Rigdon, and T. Rosenblat (eds.), Edward Elgar Press, 2020, ISBN: 978 1 78536 332 0

Working Papers

“Do pledges lead to more volunteering? An experimental study (with B. Jiang and Y. Su) R&R at Economic Inquiry.

“Can text message reminders influence healthy lifestyle choices of Hispanics? Exploratory study with mobile clinic patients.” (with M. Sierra, G. Rustamov, S. Mowjood, S. Chatterjee, O. Alharbi, S. Ewais) Manuscript submitted for review.

“An Experimental Study of Common Knowledge and Coordination on Social Networks” (with G. Korkmaz, F. Vega Redondo, A. Kraig, C. Kuhlman, B. Good). Manuscript under review.

“How did it get so late so soon? The Effects of Time Perception on Discounting (with J.Y. Park). Unpublished working paper.

“Back-to-basics: attitudinal questions can predict pro-social behaviors,” (with K. Lanier and S. Meer). Unpublished working paper