Designing ICT Software Solutions to Solve Real-World Problems

I have an eclectic interest in many research areas and my research today draws from the various training and background experiences that I have had. The core is the design and development of software artifacts, algorithms or new methods. It is a blend of technical know-how drawn from computer science and engineering with the management and usability aspects drawn from social and behavioral sciences discipline. While I am designer and developer of technology at heart, but I pay utmost attention to usability, user interface and social adoption issues in all my research. I also pay attention to novelty and together with my students and collaborators we innovate.

My current research focusses on using machine learning and analytics techniques on healthcare problems. Current projects include cancer caregivers, breast cancer, heart failure and human flourishing.

The above Schematic shows a snapshot of various different projects that are underway in my Lab. If you want to know more about any of them, contact me or my lab. I can be reached at