Claremont Graduate University Courses

IST 347 Machine Learning in Healthcare

IST 304:  Communications and Networking

IST 505: Design Research Methods in IS and IT

IST 311/TDNY 402X Introduction to Persuasive Technology

IST 335: Cryptography & Computer Security

IST 385: Telemedicine & Telehealth

IST 380: Introduction to Biomedical Informatics

IS 351: Advanced Internet Technology & Wireless Networking

IS 303: Organizations as Information Processing Systems

I also teach MGT 516 Management & Information Systems for the Executive MBA class at Peter F. Drucker School of Management.

University of Southern California (Jan 2017 – June 2020)

ACAD 260      Introduction to Healthcare Innovations

ACAD 261      Health, Human & Technology

Prior Courses Taught at Georgia State University in Atlanta:
CIS 332: Telecommunications for Business – Undergraduate Core Course

CIS 485B: Internet & Applications – Undergraduate elective

CIS 8170: Network Design & Management – Masters Core Course

CIS 8240: Advanced Networks – Masters Elective

CIS 9220: Doctoral seminar course – PhD seminar