Several doctoral students at CGU  are working with Prof. Chatterjee and his team of international collaborators:

  • Chris Wagner, Samir Chatterjee  – A New Framework and Application to Understand AI Risks & Threats: A DSR Approach
  • Yubo Fu, Samir Chatterjee, Saida Heshmati, and Md Moniruzzaman – Reimagining Human Flourishing Using Machine Learning
  • Balakrishnan Mullachery, Samir Chatterjee, and Arin Brahma – Leveraging IoT and Natural Language Processing to Improve Well-being of Chronic Patients
  • Armine Abazari, Parzon Eyzadpur Faridani, Samir Chatterjee – Towards Artificial Consciousness
  • S. Chatterjee and Arin Brahma – The Metaverse: Challenges, Opportunities and Barriers for IS Researchers
  • Samir Chatterjee, Arin Brahma, Yubo Fu, Hengwei Zhang – Building ML models to predict hospital readmission for Heart-Failure Patients
  • Christina Connelly, Enas Abdulmageed, Samir Chatterjee – Addressing physician and staff burnout with Generative AI

IDEA/NCL Lab Graduates and Alumni